Is it me, or does it seem like everyone is calling themselves a coach nowadays?

Because I’ve been in the coaching profession since 2009, I’ve seen people go from asking: “What is a coach?” to asking: “What kind of coach are you?” and “How many coaches do you have?”

No doubt, there has been an influx of coaches. However, what I’m seeing is a movement.

Coaching has become a movement because of INFLUENCE.

INFLUENCE is what changes how people think in a way that challenges them to progress and provides an example of what’s possible.

Yes, there are coaches without a professional certification, credential, or association membership. But, many of them are seeking to become better and better at what they do, leading them to more (formal and informal) training. Learn more about the coach training program I completed in 2009 here.

“We are all at different levels of accountability and understanding based upon how we came upon coaching and our influence into the movement.” (My comments on a thread about this debate earlier this year.)

Most importantly, most all of them want to change the world for the better and in the process are bettering themselves.

I call that a good cause!


Journaling Prompts for Growth Word: INFLUENCE

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