Me: “Good morning, son!”

Son: “Hey, Mom.”

Me: “Today’s #lighttheworld challenge is: ‘I️ was thirsty and ye gave me drink.’”

Son: “I’m thirsty.”

Me: “Are you, really?”

Son: “Yes!” (with a parched-looking grin)

Me: “Here ya go!” (handing him my coveted still-ice-cold cup of water)

#challengecomplete Time stamp: 8am…

…Except, that’s not the kind of thirsty I’ve been thinking about this morning.

I’ve been thinking about that slang kind of “thirsty.” 😏

In a talk earlier this year, I said, “any two desperate people can [get married]…” and gave the example of my thirst-driven second marriage that abruptly ended in divorce.

What did I learn?

That God’s plans are better thought out than mine. That He’s always thinking an eternity ahead yet He undoubtedly wants me to experience the same joy that’s on my agenda.

At the onset though, His route can look like a detour to happiness. A fun-sucking, non-adventure. Every now and again, an experience or two comes along looking like decoy orange cones trying to convince us that His direction is the distraction.

Not too long ago, I met such an “orange cone guy.” He had broad shoulders, dark hair and a mesmerizing voice. He was admirably kind to others and the air between us was brimming with chemistry.

But we knew we weren’t right for each other.

In a “thirsty” moment he sincerely suggested that I pray to my God and ask Him for a week-long pass on the commitment I made to celibacy so that we could explore a friends-with-benefits fling.

That may sound silly to read, but in the moment it sounded sexy (that voice though) and downright tempting. Respectful even.

Fortunately, I’d already sought out God’s counsel for the relationship. He had already filled my cup so that I had no need to dip into that fountain!

Truth is, it takes practice to prefer coming to Him for water. Cravings for that familiar something or the enticing unknown will always try to creep in to tempt the taste buds.

Any two desperate people can make a lot of hasty things happen…often followed by a cyclical struggle to “get your life.”

What a relief that Christ knows we’re really just thirsty for Him.

His supply of Living water, that thirst-no-more kind of “drank”, never runs dry.

Try Him.

You never know, He could be trying to lead you to drink next to someone special. 😉






Originally posted on 12/22/2017