-About the Blog-

Ink, Fire & Faith is the author hub of Rah Freestone who empowers women of faith to intentionally use physical experiences with spiritual eyes (especially through journaling). She believe that in doing so, it helps us arise from the fires of life that threaten to burn us out.

The Ink, Fire, & FAITH blog specifically challenges people to “go write through” those hard times, often using journaling prompts and always offering spiritual insights on physical experiences. Here is where she compiles messages she’s shared on social media and beyond in one place.

Ink, Fire and FAITH are the tools we use to take inspired action when we face life’s difficulties. As we persist through those refining fires of life with lessons learned and wisdom to share, we become stronger. Rah believes that writing (and reading), especially to seek divine guidance, helps us to ignite the fervor and clarity we need to keep moving forward with the disciplined strength of meekness.

With ink, fire and faith we can spread hope and change the world!

-Meet the Author-

Rah Freestone is writer, speaker, and certified life coach who focuses on helping people build habits to transition from frustrated and overwhelmed to confidently stewarding their competing responsibilities from a place of mindfulness and inner peace.

Rah became a Gold Star spouse with two children when her first husband was killed in Iraq in 2007. She is now a wife and step/mom to seven, not to mention a personal testament to the value of combining physical and spiritual self-care to establish productivity habits that make time, energy and focus to prioritize the work a woman of faith feels called to do.

This journey into what Rah calls “proactive stress management” climaxed in 2017, when she nearly hit burnout bottom. At the time, she was a widowed single mom homeschooling her two children. In addition, she was working on a second master’s degree, running a demanding  retail business, and serving as church youth leader.

That’s when her body threatened to shut down on her. During her recovery, she gathered her 20 years of experience journaling through life, decade of coaching training and experience, and put her faith to the test offering morning routine inspiration and skincare consulting.

Shortly after remarriage, she started going through a new transition, a natural biological stage for an aging female: perimenopause. Additionally, she began to feel the subtle, yet growing marginalization of being a Black woman married to a White man. This time, both her physical and mental health were at risk. She decided to “go write through it!”

Along the journey, she has discovered the benefits of cycle synching, marriage counseling, and SisterLocks™. The result is an even stronger determination to share the practical tools she’s gained in navigating from aimlessness and reactivity to mindfulness and proactivity—toward an invigorated life full of faith in Jesus Christ. She enjoys both using and teaching her signature TimeTravel To Freedom™ journaling process which takes the guesswork out of achieving mindfulness.

Rah is a Certified Evidence Based Coach with a background in human behavior and a heart for at-risk youth. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Managing Organizations and is passionate about empowering marginalized women of faith.

Rah lives with her husband and three of their seven children in the Kansas City, Missouri area and enjoys traveling, “napitations”, and a good pun.

-Published Books

My Lord, He Calls Me | DESERET BOOK, 2022

A compilation of essays, poems, and testimonies from active Black American Latter-Day Saints including words from both Rah and her mom!

Get a copy!

If You Hand Your Mom a Rice Cake | SELF-PUBLISHED, 2012

An whimsical picture book about Rah’s adventures as a single mom sending her oldest child to school before choosing to homeschool.

Get a copy!

“Rah has made a difference in my life, I found her in one of my most stressful and difficult moments of my life and thanks to the coaching session I could take something positive from it and build the path of my life. Thank you Rah!”

isabel r. l.

“Working with Rah allowed me to trust completely in the process and open myself up to the vulnerability of operating in the unknown, navigating in the moment and following the thread of what was arising in that moment.”

Erica W.

“When I came to Rah I was struggling… Working with her, allowed me to see my situation from an objective point of view.  She helped me to see, with clarity the missing pieces of the puzzle…Now I don’t feel self-conscious about approaching the difficult topic. ”

lynn c. s.

“Rah is a calm, confident, and patient coach with a gift for powerful questions and a positive outlook. If you are navigating tough times and afraid to face “messy,” reach out to Rah! She will help you find the clarity and confidence you need to take the next step on the path to your ideal future.”

Janeen A.

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