On Memorial Day we think of those who sacrificed their lives fighting for our country’s freedom. For many, this is faceless observance. 


One that doesn’t carry the burden of mining for memories from everyday life before the father of their children was Killed in Action.


But I’ve been that mom since 2007. 


As my kids get older and the oft repeated anecdotes become a part of their memory bank of secondhand stories, they take on more and more of the weighted privilege to share about their dad.


That leaves me, a military widow of sixteen years, now remarried for nearly five years—with a new perspective…


As I have been closely studying the teachings of Jesus Christ, the phrase “some gave all” takes on a new meaning.


Specifically, I’ve been pondering the parable of the widow’s mite.

In all my years of living the military widow experience, I’ve never really related to that woman.


This time however, I stepped back in attempt to see her as if I were there with Jesus in the treasury, watching all the rich folks cast in their heavy coins in bulk. 


Instead of cha-ching, it was more like: clank-ity clank, clank, clank.


As I tried to imagine her body language, I couldn’t help but then think of myself in her shoes, shuffling out of the shadows of that quiet life into the hustle and bustle of the business of making money offerings in public. 


And at the same time, I was thinking of Jesus watching me with His knowing eyes. Seeing me (as her) meekly cast in “of [my] want, all that [I] had, even all of [my] living (Mark 11:44 KJV).


What “all” did my Savior see?


I think He not only saw two dinky little coins that barely make a sound spiraling down into that well of wages, but He also saw her cares of the world go down with it.  


If a thought like: “I don’t want all these rich folks to see me give this mere farthing…” or “They probably think I should just keep my money…” surfaced, it was thrown in with those two mites. 


Like that woman, some willingly give all (“all” including not giving even a farthing about what others think of what they have to offer). 


Some days however, we get wound up about what we don’t have. We worry about who doesn’t accept us and care a great deal about what the world says is okay. 


But today, this parable sparks within me the desire to be the widow Jesus saw give “more than all they which have cast into the treasury”–to give a heart of gold with my offering (Mark 12:43 KJV).


For today, let’s remember those who gave their lives in the wars against our personal freedoms much like our Savior did when He gave His life and single-handedly won the war for our spiritual freedom. 


While we’re at it, we can try to be a little more like Jesus too. 


We may not be asked to die for our country, but we can pour meekness into doing what’s right no matter who’s watching, judging our contribution as worthless. 


Maybe that should be the new “idgaf”: I Don’t Give A Farthing (what anyone but Jesus thinks of me). 


At the end of the day (and this life), there’s only One whose judgment matters, and He already satisfied the demands of justice…


You know in your heart what your “all” is. 


Give it, my friend. 

Give it!




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