If memory serves me correctly, I splurged on these shoes while working three jobs as a college student.
That means they have been in my life for two decades!
They have been a literal support through some of the most challenging times of my life—breakups and soul searches, injuries and grief.
And some of the most rewarding times—makeups and realized dreams, healings and joy.
They’ve been shiny and complimented on when new (and even when “old”).
They’ve also gone unnoticed while serving others.
Yesterday morning, I chose them on my way to workout (they matched my outfit best 😉). When I got there, I realized that a second layer of sole was flapping. So I peeled it off as far as it would go.
And kept on stepping. Jogging even.
Yesterday, I also posted a live video about the seasons of life in honor of the first day of Fall.
I talked about change and self-care and cycles within family life.
I talked about seeking comfort and making preparations.
I talked about learning and letting go.
As I’ve pondered what these shoes represent, I wondered why I still have them. Why they are still walking with me some 20 years later?
Especially after many (many, many) moves, and several seasons of purging.
I‘m still not sure if I have “the answer”.
What I do know however, is that we all need a little something in our lives that reminds us how far we’ve come, something that keeps us humble.
As I walk into this new season, literally and life-wise, I’m aware that there’s so much more to experience and I want to be more mindful and grateful along the way.
May you too be blessed to see beauty in each step of your journey, regardless of the season.

Originally posted on 9/24/2019